Derek Fidler

Product Designer at The Monkey Inferno in San Francisco.

Mobile App

An app can provide access to everything the San Francisco Public Library offers at a lower cost than maintaining plastic cards. For those without smart phones, the traditional library card will continue.

Borrow Books

The Library Reimagined

The average person has about 30 to 50 books in their household. Imagine opening every San Franciscan’s personal library to the entire San Francisco community. Introducing the first city-wide crowdsourced public library.

Add your library to the whole community in one quick swipe.

Lend Books

Campaign PSA

Home Cooking, Simplified

The hardest part of making a meal is figuring out what to eat. ChopChop removes the hurdles of meal planning, shopping, and prepping so you can enjoy the taste of home cooked food without all the busy work.

Fixing the Food Supply Chain

Quality ingredients from sustainable farms, healthy meal options planned by top chefs, bike delivery to your door, ChopChop is solving the environmental, ethical, and health issues affecting America’s food supply chain.

Promo Video


<p>Functional. Legibile. Scalable. Write code that's as enjoyable to read as a book with gnostMono.</p>

<p>gnostMono is a fully functioning monospaced font designed for use in GUI text editors such as Sublime Text, Text Mate, and Coda. gnostMono is built for scalability but has an ideal use size ranging from 11pt to 18pt.</p>

App Walkthrough

Opera+Code Remixer

Opera+Code Remixer is a
 proof of concept mobile app allowing anyone to make music with sound samples from The Knife’s electro-opera Tomorrow, in a Year. Remixer is the first of a series of collaborative digital art projects with the Opera as part of a campaign to make Opera appeal to younger audiences.

Cultural Reboot Campaign

Opera feels old and stuffy. The campaign's goal is to re-envision the Opera as live multimedia performances from famous electronic artists that the creative side of young San Francisco would be attracted to. To short circuit the traditional view of opera the campaign will comprise of memetic mashups of opera
 and pop music scenes.

Comissioned Operas

Opera is evolving constantly. By
 commissioning famous artists to create new operas and bringing
 recently created operas to SF, the
 SF Opera will create relevancy with young people and
 further the operatic art form. Each opera debut will also feature a separate "after-party" event featuring the commissioned artists.

Works in Progress